January Bulletin Board Set | Peace on Earth


Are you looking to brighten up your classroom this winter? This January inspire your students to bring peace to earth. This bulletin board set is perfect to continue to Christmas spirit into ordinary time. Students will add to the bulletin board by writing on a dove how they can promote peace in our world.


In this download you will receive:

  • The letters need to create the bulletin board (“Let there be peace on EARTH and let it begin with me!”)
  • Doves for students to write on- how they will bring peace to the world
  • PNG files of the letters to use with Cricut
  • A large picture of the finished bulletin board to help with the set up of yours

You will NOT receive:

  • Colored letters
  • Border

Please note: I print my letters our on colored card stock to help the words pop on the black background.

This can also be used as a hallway or door display!


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