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Are you looking to teach your students about Lent, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week? These posters will teach your students the meaning of Lent and Holy Week. It will get them thinking about how they can become better followers of Christ.

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In this resource you will receive 12 unique posters.

The first set of posters include:

  • What is Lent?
  • What is Ash Wednesday?
  • What is Palm Sunday?
  • What is Holy Thursday?
  • What is Good Friday?
  • What is Holy Saturday?
  • What is Easter?

Color and B&W printing options are available for this set of posters.

The second set of posters includes:

  • Five different inspirational quotes for Lent.
  • Each poster has a print and cursive option.

This can also be used as a hallway or door display!


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