St. Nicholas Day Biography & Activities


Are you preparing to teach your students about the life of St. Nicholas? This is the perfect resource to accomplish just that! In the Catholic church, we celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6. It is a day about remembering and celebrating the kindness that St. Nicholas shared with so many people during his time.

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You will find TEN different activities to complete with your students in this resource.

  • St. Nicholas Biography
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Vocabulary Review
  • Word Search Puzzle
  • Reflection Handout
  • Stocking Craft Activity
  • Mitre (Bishop hat) Prayer Craft Activity
  • St. Nicholas Puzzle
  • Magazine Covers- Art Activity
  • Saint Report Template- 2 Versions
  • PowerPoint of St. Nicholas Biography
  • Answer Key
  • Color and B&W Printing

These are the perfect activities to do the week of St. Nicholas’s feast day, which is celebrated on December 6 each year. Complete them in religion class or for bell work each morning.

Please note: All of these activities include the Catholic saint, St. Nicholas

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  • I loved using these clear and well written info sheets about the Saints. The students loved learning all of the facts and the story of the Saints lives.”
  • “I love this! What a great resource to share with the younger grades! 🙂 “
  • “I loved this! I wish there were more saints! I loved the varied reading levels too!”


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