Stations of the Cross Bulletin Board | Ash Wednesday | Lent


Lent is a time of reflection. In this wonderful resource you will find both the stations of the cross and materials to create a beautiful bulletin board (or hallway display).


Begin this lesson by discussing season of Lent with your students, and then go through the Stations of the Cross. Take time to discuss how the bible verse goes with each station. After you have discussed the stations, have your students reflect on two things: what they will give up/what they will do during Lent (put this on the cross) AND ask them how they can be a light to others during the Lenten season (put this on the sun). With each part of the resource create a classroom bulletin board or a hallway display.

Included in this resource:

  • 15 Stations of the Cross with connecting Bible Verse (Color & B&W)
  • Two sets of words: “Christ Be Our Light” and “Stations of the Cross”
  • PNGs of Letter for Cricut
  • Suns & Crosses (for students to complete using the directions in the download)
  • Teaching Ideas
  • Printing Instructions


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