Country Report


Are you studying the countries of the world?! If you are, this is the PERFECT project for your students! This is a great report for students to complete on any country. It allows them to learn the facts, but also to be creative.

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Included in the Packet:

  • Cover
  • Basic Information
  • National History
  • National Geography
  • Government
  • National Symbols
  • Country Holidays
  • Famous People
  • Visitors Center (Famous sites to see)
  • Climate
  • Fun Facts
  • Agriculture, Animals, & Industries

A rubric is also included in your download.

See what teachers are saying about this resource!

  • “This was such a great project for my 6th graders! They loved looking up the information, and they learned so much about the different countries they chose! I would definitely recommend this!”
  • “This is perfect! I love the variety and amount of information the students are asked to research. It’s also great that pages could be removed for younger grades. Just what I was looking for! Thanks!!!”
  • “These are great for my English learners! They loved sharing information on their home country! Thank you :)”


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