Long Division Word Problems


Are you looking to engage your students with real-life math word problems? This resource is designed to challenge students withΒ long divisionΒ word problems all about the National Parks.


Included in this resource:

  • 2 Page Classwork Handout
  • 1 Page Homework Handout
  • 2 Page Extension Handout
  • Exit Slip
  • Task Card Option
  • Answer Key
  • Full Color and BW Printing Options

It is suggested to complete this activity over two 30-45 minutes math periods. Please note, the task card option includes the same questions at the classwork, homework, & extension handouts.

See what teachers are saying about this resource:

  • “Used this in math to connect with an environment/national park PBL that we were working through. Great practice! I had a few kids researching the parks mentioned in their free time because the word problems made them curious about what/where the park was.”
  • “This was perfect to help my students focus on really reading the question and giving the answer that the problem asked for! I love the National Parks theme as well. Thank you!”
  • “We are doing an entire unit on National Parks and I love being able to carry the unit across many subject areas. This is a fun way to integrate National Parks with math.”


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