Lines and Angles Review | Measuring and Creating Angles


Are you at the end of your geometry unit and looking for a highly engaging review? This resource will get your students up and moving while reviewing their math skills! This activity is great for upper elementary students.



Skills Reviewed:

  • Geometry Terms- line, ray, point, line segment, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles, and straight angles
  • Identifying lines, rays, line segments, acute angles, right angles, and obtuse angles in a diagram
  • Measuring angles with a protractor
  • Creating angles with a protractor
  • Finding the missing angle measure

This is a great review lesson for geometry and should take your students 35-60 minutes, depending on their ability. Students will “visit” six national parks during the race: Everglades NP, Isle Royale NP, Rocky Mountain NP, Theodore Roosevelt NP, Great Smoky Mountains NP, and Glacier NP.

In each national park, students will complete a series of math problems and a physical task. Once they complete the math problems students will check in with the teacher to check for accuracy. If they are correct, they may complete the task and move onto the next city. After all six parks are complete, students complete The Amazing Math Race by taking two (very careful) laps around the classroom. This activity is set up to review the concepts but to also get the kids moving.

Included in the download are both color and B&W printing options and an answer key.


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