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  • Christmas Prayer Service


    The true meaning of Christmas can often be lost during the month of December. In this perfectly timed prayer service, your students will take a moment to think about the true meaning of Christmas as they prepare for the birth of Christ. This prayer service is great to do right before you dismiss for Christmas break.

  • Classroom Calendar Set | Catholic | Decor


    Are you looking for a calendar that includes TONS of Catholic-specific feast days and holidays? This Catholic-themed calendar set is perfect for any catholic classroom and works so well with morning meetings!

  • Classroom Decor: 10 Religious Posters | Catholic


    Decorate your classroom with these faith-filled, colorful posters! Motivate students to be kind to one another and to love one another. Included in this resource are 10 quotes, each of which have 4 designs (including one B&W). These posters will brighten up any classroom!

  • Classroom Jobs | Catholic


    Are you looking to inspire your students even with their classroom jobs? These Catholic saint-inspired classroom jobs are perfect for your classroom! Each job is tied to a patron saint in the Catholic church.

  • Cooperative Learning Group Role Cards


    Are your students constantly working in groups? Collaborative learning has many benefits, and these group cards and roles will keep your students on track for successful group work!

  • Corporal Works of Mercy


    Are looking to make the Corporal Works of Mercy relevant to your students? With these classroom posters and flipbook, students will make connections and understand how they can be stewards of their faith.

  • Country Float


    Are your students studying countries of the world? This research based project is so fun and engaging that your students won’t even realize they are learning! In this project students will design and create a parade float for any country.

  • Country Report


    Are you studying the countries of the world?! If you are, this is the PERFECT project for your students! This is a great report for students to complete on any country. It allows them to learn the facts, but also to be creative.

  • Country Research Report and Float Bundle


    Are you looking for an alternative assessment for your social studies students? This project will keep your students engaged in their learning, while allowing them to use their creative side. This project has two parts—a report and a float. The report allows them to learn the facts, but also to be creative.

  • Creation Story Activity | Catholic | Earth Day


    Looking to teach your students about the creation story in a creative way? This resource will have your students learning about the story, along with reflecting on how they can show God that they will care for everything he created.

  • Custom Collaborative Poster


    Looking to have a collaborative poster made just for you!? I’m here to help!

    Begin by reading the guidelines below and filling out the Google Form here:

  • December Writing Prompts


    Getting students writing can help expand their minds and imaginations. Use these December themed writing prompts to engage your students with seasonal topics in centers, whole-class instruction, or an early finisher activity. This is a great winter writing activity.

  • Denali National Park | Reading Comprehension


    Are you struggling to engage your readers? In this high interest resource, students will learn all about Denali National Park. This is a week long resource that will have students wanting to learn more about the National Parks of the United States.

  • Easter | Catholic


    Are you looking to teach your students the meaning behind Easter? This is the holiest day in the Catholic church and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Students will leave your class having a better understanding and appreciation for this special day.

    In this bundle you will receive three different versions of the resource- upper elementary (grades 3-5), primary grades (grades 1-2), and early childhood (grades pre-k and kindergarten).

  • Easter Collaborative Poster | Catholic | Holy Week


    Make Easter meaningful for your students this year by using this collaborative poster! This beautiful poster and activity will brighten up your classroom and have your students learn more about the Easter story- Jesus rising from the dead. Students will each color one square of the poster and once they are placed together, the masterpiece is revealed.

  • End of Year Awards- Catholic Saint Themed


    The end of the school year is coming up! This is always such a crazy time and these end of the year CATHOLIC themed awards will make things a little easier for you! With 25 different awards to choose from, you’ll find one for every student in your class.

    Each award is tied to a saint, which is honored at the bottom of the award. This is a great way to wrap up the school year, and still remind students about their faith.