Using Mini White Boards in the Classroom

I can remember ordering my first mini-white boards for my classroom. I ordered a set of 30 and used pretty much my entire allotment of supply money from my school. I was so excited for these little boards, but my excitement was quickly shut down when a colleague said, “Why would you spend ALL your money on one thing?” It crushed me that she was so negative about something I was so excited about… especially because I hadn’t even had my first day of teaching yet!

But flash forward 12 years, and I am STILL using some of those very white boards that I spent ALL my money on! I love using mini-white boards with my students, and even better, they LOVE to use them!  We use our boards nearly every day, so I’ve created a list of 12 ways to use mini-white boards in your classroom!

  • Practice math problems
  • Free draw
  • Spelling word work (write words 5 times, rainbow spell, write sentences, etc)
  • Brainstorming writing ideas
  • Indoor recess activity (Pictionary or tic-tac-toe)
  • Illustrate a scene from a book or story
  • Answer to multiple choice questions (students put the correct letter on the board)
  • Drawing shapes and lines of symmetry
  • Small group work
  • Draw and label diagrams
  • Have students write down key words during a lesson
  • Before beginning a lesson, have students write down everything they know about the topic

And another bonus of using mini white boards- you are saving the environment: less paper is used and dry erase markers can be recycled. And did I mention, the kids LOVE them!

Here is a list/links of the materials I use in my classroom:

What is your favorite way to use mini white boards with your students?

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