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This Advent season, bring the faith to life with these engaging resources! This is the perfect bundle for any 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom.  Students will learn about the Advent season, while also deepening their relationship with God.

Advent Bulletin Board Set

Are you looking to teach your students the true meaning of Advent? This interactive bulletin board set is the perfect way for your students to prepare their hearts for Jesus this Advent season! With this resource you will be able to create a beautiful bulletin board or hallway display for the month of December.

Advent Prayer Partners

This Advent season invite students to join in prayer with a prayer partner. In this incredibly powerful resource, students will deepen their relationship with God, while also strengthening their friendships within the classroom.

Advent Alphabet & Booklet | Upper Elementary

Advent is a wonderful time of year. This alphabet and booklet are the perfect way to teach students about Advent, along with having them reflection on their own faith. Each letter of the alphabet has a word and short explanation that is Advent/Christmas themed. Hang the alphabet around the classroom, and have students complete their own booklets. In the booklets students will read about each letter/word and answer the reflection question that goes along with each letter.

Advent Calendar

This Advent season, get your students into the holiday spirit by counting down to Christmas with acts of kindness. Each day students are encouraged to encounter Christ through a prayer, act of kindness, or faith-filled discussion.

Advent Wreath Craft

This Advent have your students reflect on the true meaning of the season. By creating their own Advent wreath, students will have a deeper understanding of Advent and it will help prepare them for Christmas.

Have students add a paper flame each week to their wreath and use the bulletin board letters to tie everything together!

Advent Catholic Vocabulary Word Wall

Are you looking for your students to have a deeper understanding of the Advent season? Look no further than this amazing set of words for your new Advent Word Wall! With 20 words to pick from, you can add one each day and your students will Advent experts by the time Christmas comes around!

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There are 6 resources included in this bundle:

  • Advent ABCs & Booklet
  • Advent Bulletin Board Set
  • Advent Calendar
  • Advent Word Wall
  • Advent Prayer Partners
  • Advent Wreath Craft


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