Plan a Dream Vacation | Project Based Learning


Planning a vacation has never been so fun! In this cross-curricular project, students will plan, budget, and journal about their “dream vacation”. They will pull skills from math, language arts, and social studies and work with their group members to complete the project.


In the resource, you will find a 23-page packet to guide students while planning their “dream vacation” in the United States.

This packet includes:

  • Cover
  • Project Description
  • Brainstorming
  • Travel Outline
  • Useful Websites
  • Daily Journal Entry Pages
  • Snapshots (pictures of your travels)
  • Climate of Location
  • Postcards
  • Total Costs.

The packet comes in color and B&W options. There are also additional project descriptions at the end of the resource– world travel and a blank version where you can fill in the country/budget.

*This is a GREAT project for students to complete the last week of school!*

See what teachers are saying about this resource:

  • “Very creative! This will be great to use toward the end of the year to incorporate all the things we discussed through the year!”
  • “My students are having a blast creating their dream vacation! They told me that they are having so much fun with this activity, and I was so happy to hear them say that! Thank you! :)”
  • “This is an awesome resource! Kids can use this to plan for real life scenarios. This could easily work for multiple subjects. Awesome buy!”


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