Simple Ways to Celebrate St. Nicholas

We celebrate St. Nicholas each December. He was born in Turkey and his parents died when he was little. They left him with a lot of money. Nicholas became a priest and used his money to help others. St. Nicholas helped poor families. He would toss a bag of gold into their house without them knowing. St. Nicholas used his money to help others for his entire life.

It is tradition that children leave their shoes by the fireplace the night before his feast day in hopes that St. Nicholas might pass by and leave them a little treat.

While you probably don’t have a fireplace in your classroom, you can still celebrate and honor St. Nicholas on December 6.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Leave a small treat (such as a Hershey kiss) on your students’ desk. I also love to write them each a little note to go along with it.  
  • Decorate a sock or paper shoe that students can leave on their desk and then fill it with treats (pencils, erasers, bookmarks, chocolate, etc.) Growing up we always decorated socks and then St. Nicholas would bring us lots of goodies on his feast day!
  • Read a book or two about St. Nicholas.

Looking for a simple print-and-go St. Nicholas activity? Be sure to grab my biography and activities for primary grades or upper elementary grades. These are both great additions to your celebration of the great St. Nick!

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