Bring the Faith to Life on All Saints’ Day

At the end of October most children are thinking about their Halloween costume and dreaming about all the candy they will receive during Trick-or-Treating.  However, there is another religious holiday that falls the day after Halloween: ALL SAINTS’ DAY!

All Saints’ Day is a great day to celebrate with students! The saints are people who children can look up to and model their life after.  Over the years I have celebrated All Saints Day in a few different ways.

Primary Grades:
For younger students having a “Parade of Saints” is always fun and engaging.  Have each student decorate a sign with their patron saints’ name on it and parade around the room singing “When the Saints Come Marching In”.  You can extend your students’ learning by having them complete these adorable mini-saint booklets.


Intermediate Grades:
As students get older it is important to expose them to more modern saints.  They want to learn about saints that they can relate to and look up to.  One idea I have used in the past is to have students work in groups of 2 or 3 and select a saint that is of interest to them.  Have them research the saint and create a poster or PowerPoint presentation about the life and legacy of the saint.  Then, have students do a gallery walk to present their finding to the class.  This allows students to take ownership of their saint, while still learning about several other saints.  You can also have students fill out a simple saint report, which make a great hallway display AND is free in my TpT store.  Click here to download the FREE REPORT.  AND you can have students dress up like their saint for the presentations.

Another way I have engaged my students with the saints is through grade appropriate biographies and reports.  It can be difficult to find accurate information on saints for elementary students.  I have solved this problem and created the perfect resource for you!  Have students learn about EIGHT unique saints who have made a large impact on the world. You can differentiate within your own class because each saint biography comes in three different reading levels. Once your students have finished reading the biography, they can process what they learned by using the saint report, which comes in two different templates.  Grab this awesome resource by clicking here!


Middle School:
Do you teach middle school students? Are you looking to incorporate the saints into your writing class? I’ve got a great solution for you with my Complete Research Packet- Saints Edition.  This NO PREP resource is perfect for teaching students how to research, organize, and write a research paper on any saint! From beginning research to the finished product, this guide is perfect for grades 5-8. To check out this great resource click here!

If you are looking for even more saint resource, check out my 12 Saint, 12 Months Bundle.  In this growing bundle you will find 12 saints- one for each month of the year. In each resource you will find a biography of the saint, PowerPoint presentation of the biography, comprehension questions handout, vocabulary review, report for students to fill out (2 versions), reflection handout, word search, magazine covers students can complete about the saint, lesson plan suggestions and an answer key. This bundle to the perfect addition to any Catholic classroom!


Whether you spend 10 minutes or a whole week celebrating the saints, I hope you all have a wonderful time discussing these faith filled humans with your students!

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