How to Decorate Your Catholic Classroom

Decorating my classroom has always been one of my favorite things to do as a teacher. I love the creativity of new bulletin boards and making my classroom feel homey and welcoming. Over the years I have had a few staples in my classroom that make it stand out as a Catholic classroom. Check out my favorites below!

For years I had up a regular cursive alphabet for my students to reference, but recently I switched to my Catholic Alphabet set. In this set the letters all have a word with them that is Catholic themed- and it comes in print and cursive! The mini-posters will help your students learn about their faith while reviewing their letters, a win-win situation!

I love keeping up with the liturgical seasons and saint feast days in my classroom, so changing out one of my bulletin boards every month is a must. But, this can be really time consuming if you don’t have ideas ready to go. Let me help you with this! Grab my year-round bulletin board bundle and you’ll receive 12+ bulletin board sets. It lets you stay current with the season, but not have to think about a thing! Trust me, your admin will LOVE this!

There are so many great name tags out there, but I struggled to find one that also added in the faith, so I created these with Catholic school teachers in mind. These bright name tags are perfect for you and include options for both primary and upper elementary classrooms. With ten different templates and five different color schemes, there are plenty of options.

Adding Catholic (saint) themed classroom jobs to my classroom has been one of my favorite things over the past few years. The bright and cheery colors pop, and since the jobs all correlate with a saint, students are learning each week when they change jobs. These are a must have for your classroom!

It’s hard to find a classroom calendar that has all of the Catholic holidays. While Christmas and Easter are included in most sets, we celebrate so much more than those two days. In my calendar set you’ll receive all the date cards you need, including 28 Catholic specific celebrations!

Do you have a word wall in your classroom? I always have a math one up, but I recently added a Catholic one as well. Students are exposed to so many new vocabulary words during religion class and I want them to remember the terms. At the beginning of each month I pull out the words that we will be learning about and have them ready to post during religion class. Students can easily reference the board whenever they are not sure of a words’ meaning.

Saint Themed Affirmation Station

Empower your students with a saint themed affirmation station! This is the perfect way for students to start their day! Each positive word is tied to a saint, so students can grow in their faith, while reminded themselves how amazing they are.

Making your Catholic classroom more faith centered will help your students in their faith journey and allow them to more deeply understand God’s love for them!

Looking to get started? Grab my free set of Catholic posters today!

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