Celebrate the Feast of Guardian Angels with Students


We celebrate the feast of Guardian Angels on October 2 every year. On this special day we honor our own guardian angel, who watches over us each and every day. I love celebrating this day with my students by reading about the history of the day and creating an angel prayer craft with them.

First, grab my free guardian angel download, which includes a history article, prayer cards, and craft directions. ​​Then begin by reading aloud the Guardian Angel Gazette article. This will explain what a guardian angel is and when we celebrate them.

Next, as a class, pray the Guardian Angel prayer. To make it easier on students, you can pass out the prayer card that is included in this resource. You can print these out back-to-back with the angel on the front (4 options) and prayer on the back. I also suggest laminating them.

Finally, have students complete the guardian angel prayer activity. Pass out a blank piece of paper to each student AND a piece of paper with the angel outline on it. Either project or pass out the words to the prayer next.

Place the blank piece of paper on top of the angel outline. Have students write the Guardian Angel prayer on the lines (which should show through the paper). They can write the prayer as many times as it will fit. Once they have finished, students may color or decorate the angel.

These make a great hallway display once they are done!

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