7 Ways to Celebrate St. Francis of Assisi

Growing up I was always so jealous of the families who got to attend the annual pet blessing at my parish. I didn’t have any pets growing up (except Georgie, my goldfish… he lasted about two weeks), so I never had a reason to attend, but I always loved the idea of celebrating the feast of St. Francis by blessing the community pets. 

We celebrate the life of St. Francis on October 4 each year. On this day we remember his deep love of nature and animals. St. Francis believed that all of God’s creation was part of his community. He was often seen preaching to animals and taming wild beasts.

Here are a few simple ways to celebrate St. Francis:

Whichever way you choose to teach your students about St. Francis, you can’t go wrong. Have any more ideas on how to celebrate St. Francis? Tell us in the comments!

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