5 Easy Ways to Use Collaborative Posters


I have always loved the idea of collaborative posters, but I was never sure when to use them in my classroom. After some brainstorming, I realized that they are perfect for so many different reasons! If you are looking at adding in collaborative posters to your classroom routine, check out my top 5 (easy) ways to use them.

Great Teamwork

The word collaborative gives it away, but these posters are a great teamwork activity. Each student receives one piece of the “puzzle” to color and when they are placed altogether, a masterpiece is revealed! These teamwork style posters are great for back to school season!

Sub Plans

Are you going to be absent for a day from the classroom? Have your sub complete a poster with your students. This is an easy way to have at least one class covered for your sub. I always like to pair an activity with the poster, so you’ll find a learning handout or reflection with all of my posters.

Early Finisher Activity

We all have early finishers in our classes, but sometimes we don’t know what to do with them. Have them work on a collaborative poster- if they work for a few minutes each day, they will finish 1-2 pieces per week. And if you have a few early finishers they can all finish a poster in a week or two, which always make beautiful bulletin board displays!

Bulletin Board Display

Speaking of bulletin boards, seasonal collaborative posters are an excellent way to decorate your classroom. They are easy for the teacher and fun for the students, a win-win situation. And changing the posters monthly will impress your administrators as well!

Calming Activity

Social emotional learning is so important in today’s classroom, and having calming activities ready to go for students who are having a hard time is a great way to meet their needs. Coloring can be a great way to calm students’ bodies and minds, so I suggest having the pieces for 1-2 posters on hand for when students need them. It will be neat for them to see their work come to life as the poster is completed.

The possibilities of collaborative posters are endless and I hope that you give them a try in your classroom. Get started today with my Catholic posters or my social studies posters.

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