5 Fantastic Amazon Finds for the New Elementary Classroom


These are a few of my favorite things… from Amazon!

With Amazon Prime Day finally here, it had me thinking about my favorite classroom items that I’ve order from Amazon over the last year.  From classroom seating, to pens for grading, I have ordered it from Amazon! So here are my top 5 classroom items I’ve ordered from Amazon in 2019!

1. Flair Pens

Flair pens have become pretty standard at my school.  They are great for grading and for color coding anything.  They are so pretty, I even have a set for home now! And since so many teachers at my school (and even a few students) use these pens, I began to put washi tape on the top of them so that I know which ones are mine.  Using this little tip, you will never lose another pen!

2. Google Cardboard

This past school year I challenged myself to integrate more technology into my lessons, and while I wish I did more of it, I did branch out and learned all about the power of a Google Cardboard.  I taught my students how to create their own GoogleTour, and we used the Google Cardboards to learn all about the state of Illinois. Using the Google Cardboards brought their projects to life and allowed them to use their technology skills to enhance their learning.  Google also has hundreds of “field trips” and pre-made adventures that you can take your students on using a Google Cardboard. Please note, you will also need a few smartphones to go with your Google Cardboards. I reached out to family and friends and asked for old phones… I had about 6 or 7 in no time! 

3. Scotch Laminator

I swear by my personal laminator.  I purchased it many years into my teaching career, and wish I had done it sooner!  I now laminate anything that goes on my walls/bulletin boards so that I don’t have to reprint things year after year.  I guarantee that this little machine will be a game changer in your classroom.

4. Colorful Stools

I LOVE these stools!  I have a small group table right outside my classroom, and these stools were the perfect fit.  They brighten up the hallway, and are sturdy enough to be used everyday. These are great for students in 2nd grade and up (they might be a little too big for the younger grades).

5. Dry Erase Pockets

Until recently, I always thought that dry erase pockets were only for younger students.  I have been missing out! I purchased these at the beginning of last school year, and my 4th graders love using them.  Whenever I pop a worksheet into the pockets, my students are even more motivated to learn. They love working with them and using the dry erase markers on them.  I’ve used use with math worksheets, spelling word work, reading fluency, and even states and capitals handouts. This a great add for any classroom!

And now for a bonus item!  This last item I didn’t order from Amazon, but it has made a HUGE impact in my classroom!  

BONUS ITEM: Wobble Stools!

I ordered a few of these at the end of last year, and then 2 more around Christmastime from Scholastic.  My students love, LOVE, LOVVE using these seats. It allows them to move around, while still staying focused on the lessons of the day.  They use them at their desks, as well as anywhere around the room while using a clipboard. If you haven’t tried out Wobble Stools yet, I suggest you give it a whirl.  I even ordered one just for myself! 

While I’ve ordered MANY classroom items over the years from Amazon, these are definitely a few of my favorites!  What are your favorite classroom items from Amazon? Share in the comments below!

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