Amazing Math Race Set Up


High Engagement + Math Review = The Amazing Math Race!

If you are looking for a math review for your upper elementary class that your students will be begging to play again and again, look no further than the Amazing Math Race review series! While this series is geared towards 4th graders, it can be used as a review for 5th grade students and as an extension for 3rd graders. 

If you are just getting started with the Amazing Math Race, here is a rundown of how it works!

Step 1

Print off the envelope covers (cut around each one) and tape to a giant envelope. There are two choices- Stop Number (i.e. Stop #1) or the name of the location (i.e. Chicago, IL).

Step 2

Print off enough handouts for each student. Then cut off the bottom of each (where it says the location) and place each set into the corresponding envelope. For example, print all the Chicago, IL student handouts and place them into the Chicago, IL (or Stop #1) envelope.

Step 3

Hide the envelopes around the classroom (except the first stop envelope).

Step 4

Hand each student the instructions page and review what is expected of them.

Step 5

Show students you have this first envelope (Stop #1) and once they choose their partner they can come grab a handout from you. Doing it this way ensures that there is not a rush to grab the first envelope (this can cause unnecessary chaos) and it allows you to see who is working together.

Step 6

As students finish a page, have them check in with you. Initial at the bottom of the page if all their answers are correct. Circle any that they need to look at again. If students get all the questions correct, remind them to complete the fun physical task at the bottom of the page before going in search of the next envelope. If students need to correct a few problems, have them redo the work and check in with you again (until all problems are correct).

Step 7

Once students finish the fun physical task, they can search for the next envelope and begin the next activity.

Steps 6-7 repeat until students complete all the tasks, including the challenge.

Step 8

Wrap things up by stapling all the handouts together for students to use as a study guide.

This fun and engaging math activity will have your students wanting even more math reviews… see what other teachers are saying about the series.

“My kids had the absolute best time doing this activity!! They were sweating and doing math and laughing!! Just a great activity! Can’t wait to do another one!”

“At first my kids were like, ugh, a fractions game??? We HATE fractions. But then they soon forgot that it was a review and were screaming, running around the blacktop to get from clue to clue, ecstatic whenever their team could move on. Will definitely be using every year as our culminating task for our fractions unit. Thanks!”

“So engaging! EVERY student loved this – all participated actively & effectively. So it works for a range of levels of understanding adding / subtracting fractions. Perfect for 4th grade.”

If you are looking to try the Amazing Math Race for FREE, be sure to grab my Multiples and Factors version here!

And if you want to take a deep dive into the series, check out the different versions here.

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