The Amazing Math Race!

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Reviewing for a math assessment is something I used to dread, both as a student and a teacher.  Completing problems from the textbook can be tiresome, and does not energize students to really learn the material.

I have tried many different forms of review over the years (scoots, Jeopardy, etc.), but the most successful reviews have easily been from the Amazing Race Series.  This series of math reviews (currently geared towards 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades) combines reviewing math concepts and a physical task.  For example, while “visiting Italy” students are asked to complete four multiplication problems, and then they pretend to row a gondola for 30 seconds.  Or perhaps they are “visiting” the great city of Chicago!  After completing two in/out box charts, students compete in the Chicago Marathon.

The excitement and competition within the classroom is infectious, and students are SO motivated to accurately complete the math problems.  The teacher also checks in with students after each set of problems to ensure students have mastered the skill before moving onto the task and next concept.  Students finish the “Amazing Math Race” by taking two careful laps around the classroom.  After students have completed the race they can begin to work on the challenge questions, which extend the concepts they’ve been working on.

To try out The Amazing Math Race series risk free download the Factors, Multiples, and Prime/Composite FREEBIE!  If your students are engaged and finally enjoying a math review, be sure to check out the entire series!  Each review should take students 30-40 minutes, so it is perfect to complete in one class period!

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