Creative Ways to Celebrate the Saints with Young Learners

Celebrating All Saints’ Day with students is always such a joy for me! This special day is on November 1 each year and it allows students to learn about the saints, but also for them to see themselves (and others) as saints.

Here are three fun ways to celebrate the saints with your young learners:

Choose a Class Patron Saint

On All Saints’ Day, have your class research different saints, and then vote on one to become the patron saint of your classroom. Having students do the research, and perhaps presentation on the saint they would like to be the patron saint, will give students ownership of their work and more meaning to the patron saint. You can create a little sign with your saint name, along with incorporating the patron saint into your morning prayer routine by saying “Saint ________, pray for us.”

Nominate Someone to be a Saint

Have students list out the qualities of a saint. Then have them nominate someone they know to be a saint. If you are looking for an easy print-and-go handout for this activity, you can grab mine here! These make for a great hallway display!

Host a Parade of Saints

I grew up participating in a parade of saints every year and it was always so much fun! Have students decorate a piece of paper with their name on it. I like to include their street name as well. For example, I would be St. Annie of Cullom. Then use a hole punch and some string and place the sign around each child’s neck. Finally march around your classroom or school singing “When the Saints Go Marching In!”

Have a Saint Party with Saintly Snacks

Host a little party (perhaps after your parade of saints) and include saint themed snacks. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

If you are looking for more saint activities be sure to check out my Saint Bundle for Primary Grades, which includes saint biographies/activities and three bulletin board sets. This is a great way to easily incorporate the saints into your religion class. 

If you are an upper elementary teacher be sure to check out my list of way to celebrate All Saints’ Day with your students. 

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